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Click on the pawprint next to the characteristic that best describes you, and discover which clan you belong to.

You are fiercely loyal and will do anything for a friend. Your family is important to you, and you would risk anything to protect them. You are not afraid to take risks for something you believe in. You don’t like to stay in one place for too long.

You know how to keep a secret. You are a private person and you hesitate to let people get close to you. But once someone has proven themselves worthy, you will protect their secrets as if they were your own. You are attached to your home and would never think of moving.

You are a very proud person. You know that you are good at many things and you’re not afraid to show off. You stay close with your group of friends and don’t like to let new people in. But when you do let someone new in, they become your family. You feel most at home in the ocean or on a boat.

You are wise and resourceful, and not afraid to help a stranger in need. You enjoy colder climates and know how to survive in even the toughest situations. You would never harm someone you didn’t know, and are very loyal to the people you do care about.

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