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You are Raven Clan!

The Raven Clan lives in the Forest and moves camp every three moons. They are great hunters and fishermen, and get much of their food from the rivers of the Forest. They protect their own, but are not afraid to let in an outsider in need of help. The entire clan has proven to be trustworthy in friendship and dedicated to the well-being of all the clans of the Forest.

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You are Forest Horse Clan!

The Forest Horse Clan lives in the Deep Forest, secluded from the other clans. They keep to themselves and are extremely mysterious. They fiercely guard many of the Forest’s secrets, only providing information to outsiders if they deem it absolutely necessary. They are extremely wise, but are wary of all other clans. Disturbing the Forest Horse Clan can have dangerous consequences.

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You are Seal Clan!

The Seal Clan lives on the Seal Island, in the Sea. They are a clan of fishermen and expert boaters. They have secluded themselves from the Forest clans. They are suspicious of newcomers, especially anyone from a Forest clan, but are true friends once trust is established. They are brave and not afraid to take great risks for a good cause.

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You are White Fox Clan!

The White Fox Clan lives in the Far North, where it is always cold. They are a practical people, and very knowledgeable about survival in the harshest climates. They are willing to help those who stumble into their territory, providing shelter, clothing, and a way back to the warmer South. They are also open-minded and not threatened by the other clans.

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