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Since his father’s death, Torak has traveled far and wide, gathering friends and enemies alike. Here’s a look into his world—from the people he trusts to those he fears, from the places he’s been to those he hopes never to see.


Wolf—Torak finds Wolf soon after his father’s death, and discovers something about himself at the same time: he can communicate with the cub. Wolf’s friendship means everything to Torak. Together they encounter mortal danger, but their friendship always helps them survive.

Renn—A great huntress of the Raven Clan, Renn is also being groomed as a mage. She disobeys her clan when she befriends Torak, but she is brave and true, and her friendship proves essential to the survival of all the clans.

Fin-Kedinn—The elder of the Raven Clan and Renn’s uncle, Fin-Kedinn allows Torak to live with his clan, but keeps the boy always at a distance. Still, he is an old friend of Torak’s father and keeps the boy safe. But Fin-Kedinn has many secrets.

Oslak—A Raven Clan hunter, Oslak is a patient and gentle friend. Oslak has a scarred face from an encounter with a wolverine that did not end in his favor.

Bale—The best skinboater in the Seal Clan, Bale proves an important ally to both Torak and Renn.


The Soul-Eaters—Seven mages from seven clans, each with a particular skill. At first they banded together to do good, calling themselves The Healers. But their power corrupted them. Now they work to rule the Forest.

The Crippled Wanderer—A powerful man who seeks to harm Torak’s father, he will do anything—and harm anyone—to get what he wants.

Hord—Renn’s brother, Hord longs to succeed Fin-Kedinn as the Raven Clan leader. He is both proud and easily threatened.


The Forest— Torak calls the Forest home. It is also home to many clans such as the Raven, Boar, and Viper Clans in the Open Forest, and the Auroch, Lynx, Forest Horse, Red Deer, and Bat Clans in the Deep Forest.

The High Mountains—Torak’s quest takes him to the Mountain of the World Spirit in the north. The Mountains are home to the Mountain Hare, Swan, and Rowan Clans.

The Seal Islands—Torak travels to the Seal Islands with the Seal Clan. The other sea clans live to the north on Cormorant Island and Kelp Island.

The Far North—Torak has to venture into this frozen wilderness, where he encounters the White Fox Clan.

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