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More Books with Browse Inside | FAQ

The Browse Inside widget enables book enthusiasts to embed sample pages of their favorite books directly into their blog posts, Web sites, and MySpace pages.

Want to let others know what you’re reading?
Want to feature a book that influenced your life?
Perhaps you’d like to share an oldie-but-goodie that stirs you still.
You get the idea… Be creative! It’s easy!

Simply copy and paste the HTML code provided into the HTML source of your Web page. Once you’ve saved your page, you can preview the widget to see that it’s sized and positioned correctly, just like the one at left.

If this appeals to you, research more books with Browse Inside.


Q: What is Browse Inside?

A: Browse Inside is digital book content which replicates the experience of flipping through the pages of a book to get a sense of its contents.

Q: I’d like to add Browse Inside content to my blog or Web page. How do I go about doing this?
A: Our widget makes it easy to pick up and place Browse Inside book content on your Web site. Simply copy the code for the type of Web page you have and paste it into your HTML source document. Save your Web page or blog post and preview the widget to ensure it displays properly.

Q: Will it work on my site?
A: That depends on the type of site you are using. Some sites do not allow users to post Flash content. We have provided two versions of the widget for you to use: The version labeled “Other Sites,” which uses Flash, and the version labeled “For MySpace,” which does not. If you are having problems with one version of the widget code, you should try the other.

Q: Is there any other difference between the two versions?
A: If any of the content within the Browse Inside widget is changed (book jacket, text, etc.) the Flash version of the Browse Inside widget will update automatically, while the non-Flash version will not. Updates can always be made by re-posting the Widget code. Updates will only be made in rare cases, however, and this difference is not a big one.

Here is a list of commonly used blog sites, and the appropriate code for each.

  For MySpace
(Non-Flash widget)
  Other sites
(Flash widget)

The widget is currently not supported by Facebook, Bebo, Slide, RockYou, or Vox.

Q: What if I'm still having problems?
A: There are several lines of code for each version. Make sure you’ve copied the code in its entirety, which can be done on most computers by triple-clicking on the code text, or by pressing CTRL-a (COMMAND-a on Macintosh) with the code text box selected.

Some blog sites, such as TypePad, offer you two ways to edit blog entries: by entering text into a WYSIWYG editing environment or by directly editing the blog HTML. Wherever possible, you should paste widget code as HTML.

If you still cannot place the widget on your Web page, please send an e-mail to BrowseInsideSupport@harpercollins.com with details.