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Burn My Heart

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This is a very important book! This is a story that needs telling in each generation. Ms. Naidoo has crafted a story that makes the heart ache and the mind more aware of the source of our values. This book should be on all school reading lists
Kathleen (Quincy, WA)
Burn My Heart provides an excellent insight into the troubled world of Africa. Not only do the characters seem very real and tangible, but the storyline is accessible to all children, regardless of whether or not they live in Africa. Although the ending is a little bittersweet, this is a tremendous book that explores fragile relationships and the different bonds that bring us together, or break us apart.
Ben (Las Vegas, NV)
Burn My Heart will have you biting your nails with many an anxious filled moment. You are the vicarious witness to the fear, prejudice and misunderstanding endured by the Kenyan people during the 1950s. Beverly Naidoo brilliantly unravels the hidden history of hate that pitted white settlers against African citizens, through the eyes of young Mathew. Action, suspense and intrigue will hold you captive as you read his account of the rebellion, and his fears of the secret society of the dreaded Mau Mau. You’ll love this thriller of a history lesson that closes with a message of forgiveness.
Donna (New Milford, CT)
In Burn My Heart, Beverly Naidoo tells a tale of betrayal, fear, love and revenge. Told with rich, clear words, the story is one to please many fans, and create even more. This is a great book
Nikolas (Mansfield, MA)
I loved the book Burn My Heart. This story of two boys whose families’ histories are intertwined shows how life was for both friends during the time of Mau Mau, or Kenyan rebellion. The language throughout the book made it authentic and interesting to read. The landscape and people came alive through the descriptive writing of the author, Beverley Naidoo. This book could open many discussions not only about this time in Kenyan history, but also many other similar events in history. It would be an excellent book for children and parents or teachers to read and discuss together.
Susan (Dover, DE)
This book, Burn My Heart written by Beverley Naidoo, explored the relationship of a white English boy and his friend, an African boy whose family once owned the land they now work on. While reading the book, you see how other people--both British and African--as well as the unsettled times affect the boys’ relationship and their families. It teaches of a time in Kenya when bonds of friendship are tested, distrust and fear abound, and rebellion results. This was a most interesting book--one I’d recommend families and classrooms read.
Thomas (Dover, DE)
I couldn't put this book down! It made me ask some challenging questions about how far and at what cost I would honor friendship, family bonds, and culture. History repeats itself. This gives readers characters that they can relate to and opens the door for some great conversations about ethics and character.
Dawn (Ventura, CA)
This story is so moving and in some ways a reflection of what happens in many parts of the world more often than we like to think. I learned things I didn't know, I felt great sorrow at that world that was then, and I feel great sorrow for the similar events in our world today. Two little boys and their story should make everyone think about the consequences of their actions, both good and bad. Those ripples of today may still be spreading in another lifetime. An excellent read and an even more excellent message.
Judy (Wildwood, MO)
Burn My Heart is a beautifully written novel that depicts a tragic time in history. It gives the reader insight into the events that occurred with engaging and sympathetic characters and a story that will keep them interested. Written on a level that middle grade children could comprehend, it's relate-able to adults as well. I would definitely recommend the book, and I will be passing my copy on to my 10 year old son to read and enjoy.
Traci (Virginia Beach, VA)
This was a wonderful book. It really shows how deep emotions run in time of conflict. In part it is a child's story of friendship, but it is also a tale of unending love and loyalty. I would highly recommend it.
Emily (Shirley, MA)
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