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The Gingerbread Rabbit

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One morning a mother mixes up some dough and cuts out a gingerbread rabbit to surprise her little daughter. But when the mother puts him in to bake, she gets the surprise of her life. The rabbit jumps to the floor, runs to the door, and disappears into the forest!

Fleeing through the forest with the mother close behind, the innocent rabbit gets some surprises of his own. The worst surprise is a "friendly" red animal who says he's a rabbit, too, though he looks just like a fox. The best surprise is a big brown rabbit and a silvery gray one, who live in a cozy cave full of carrots and lettuce -- where they happen to have an extra little bed.

Yes, all's well that ends well. The gingerbread rabbit finds himself a happy home, and the mother finds an even better way to surprise her daughter.

IMPRINT HarperCollins   FORMAT
ISBN 0060527684   ISBN13 9780060527686
ON SALE 1/21/2003 PAGES 64
AGES 4 to 8 SIZE 7 x 10
PRICE US $17.95   PRICE CAN $21.99
GRL not avail BISAC1 JUV002210
BISAC2 JUV007000 BISAC3 JUV017020
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