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Meet Araminta Spookie. She’s not afraid of ghosts, bats, secret passageways, or haunted houses. Learn more about the Araminta Spookie books written by Angie Sage, author of Septimus Heap.


As Araminta has discovered, every explorer of the spookie world (those who hunt ghosts and vampires and show no fear when faced with mysterious dark passages) needs certain things. Here is a list of some of Araminta’s Spookie Essentials.

Ball of string
Cheese-and-onion chips

As Araminta says, “You need a flashlight because secret passages are always dark, and you need a ball of string so that you can find your way out again. . . . You need emergency chocolate supplies, as you never know how long you are going to be in a secret passage, do you?”

Strawberry Jell-O
Large bag of assorted spiders
Massive tub of strangled ghost squealers
Huge box of balloons
Giant bag of flour

Artwork © Jimmy Pickering


Spookie Greetings

  Watch out for traps, particularly at the beginning and end of a tunnel. How often has an intrepid tunneler battled through the most secret of tunnels, only to come to grief in a cunning trap at the end of her journey? Alas, far too often, as we at the Secret Tunnel Handy Hint Handbook know to our cost.