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Meet Araminta Spookie. She’s not afraid of ghosts, bats, secret passageways, or haunted houses. Learn more about the Araminta Spookie books written by Angie Sage, author of Septimus Heap.


Araminta Spookie is not afraid of ghosts, haunted houses, or secret passages. She has a different bedroom for each night of the week, and she loves to make Awful Ambushes. She can be ornery at times, but will do anything for her friends.
Aunt Tabitha has a Fiendish Stare and fights with the boiler in the basement. She gives Araminta grief sometimes, but she really just wants what’s best for the entire family.
Uncle Drac works nights, sleeps during the day, and loves bats—especially his pet, Big Bat. He likes to spend time with Araminta, even though she once accidentally got him crushed and covered in bat poop.

Sir Horace Harbinger of Hernia Hall (“Sir Horace” to Araminta) knows all about the secret passages in the house, looks like a suit of armor, and often takes off his own head and leaves it lying around where people can trip over it.
Edmund is a ghost with a funny bowl haircut. Sir Horace’s faithful page, he wears a tunic with a long hood and a dagger tucked into his belt. He tries to scare Araminta when she’s about to go somewhere secret in the house, but little Edmund can’t scare her!

Wanda Wizzard is Araminta’s best friend—even though they have very different personalities. Wanda is afraid of loads of things, and sometimes has to hold on to Araminta so she won’t faint from fright. But Wanda can always try to be brave for her friend.
Barry and Brenda Wizzard are Wanda’s parents, and they almost bought Araminta’s Spookie House when it was for sale. They are not frightened of Awful Ambushes. They know how to do magic.

Artwork © Jimmy Pickering


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