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Housekeeper, Teacher, Student, Political Candidate, Amateur Rocket Scientist, Baseball Player, Babysitter, Librarian, Musician, Doctor, Camper, Construction Worker . . .

She does exactly what you tell her to do – so be careful what you say!

More than 40 years of mixed-up adventures

Peggy Parish didn’t want to be an author. In fact, writing was the last thing on her mind. But as a teacher in New York City she found herself creating stories for her students. Eventually, she even got a few published. But it wasn’t until 1963 that Amelia Bedelia was born, and for Ms. Parish the rest is history. During her lifetime she wrote nearly a dozen Amelia Bedelia books.

Herman Parish was in the fourth grade when Amelia Bedelia was published. His Aunt Peggy passed away in 1988. Popular demand for more Amelia Bedelia books led Herman to continue the series. When Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia was published in 1995, readers all over the world welcomed the return of their old friend Amelia Bedelia in new adventures.

Artwork © Lynn Sweat and Lynne Avril

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