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Are you ready for a new best friend?

Dear Reader,

When my family finally decided to get a dog, I thought we would go to a pet store, find a cute puppy, and take it home. Then we started talking about rescuing a dog that didn't have a home. We found out that four million dogs are left at shelters every year and of that two million of them eventually get put to sleep. We began our search with Petfinder.com. It’s a great website that provides links to shelters across the country.

We found our dog Dixie at Aunt Mary’s Doghouse. Aunt Mary took Dixie and her two sisters, who were abandoned, starving and very sick, and nursed them back to health. Had Aunt Mary not been as kind or brave, Dixie would have been put to sleep.

The best thing about having Dixie in my life is all the love she gives to me every single day. When I walk in the door from school, I'm greeted by an overwhelming amount of doggy kisses. Dixie shows me more love than I ever thought was possible. She keeps me company whenever I need it and she is always there for me. If I need to talk and I feel as though there is nobody to listen, Dixie is always there to listen and lick my face. Of course there are challenges that come with having a dog. It’s hard work to train a dog and we are still training Dixie to this day. She depends on us and we feed her and walk her and clean up after her every day. It’s a small price to pay for all that love.

If you are lucky enough to have a dog in your life you already know what I am talking about. If you don't, please think about adopting from a shelter. Step up and be that dog's hero—and you'll be so happy that you did.

Best wishes,
Emma Jackson
(and Dixie!)

About Aunt Mary’s Doghouse

Click here to visit Aunt Mary's Doghouse websiteAunt Mary’s Doghouse is a nonprofit charity made up of Mary Cody and a small group of dedicated volunteers. What makes Aunt Mary’s Doghouse unique is that they save the dogs almost no one else will. They get dogs from overcrowded shelters or they rescue dogs in trouble from the street. Hundreds of dogs considered unadoptable have been saved and placed in loving homes, thanks to Mary’s efforts. The American Red Cross awarded Mary its Bravo for Bravery medal in 2007 for her tremendous accomplishments in animal rescue.

There many other dogs like Dixie available from Aunt Mary’s Doghouse and hundreds of other rescue groups and shelters across the county. If you’re ready to adopt a new best friend, a great place to start your search is www.PetFinder.com.

Visit Petfinder.com

Petfinder can help you:
  • Learn what’s involved in adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue group—what to know before you go look and what kinds of questions to ask.
  • Understand what’s really involved in taking care of a pet, from commitment to cost.
  • Make a great match by searching more than nine thousand animal shelters and rescue groups across the United States, Canada, and Mexico for a pet best suited for your household.
  • Find volunteer opportunities at shelters or rescue groups in your vicinity.

Photographs copyright ©2008 by Bob Carey

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Are you ready for a new best friend?

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