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Author Q&A

  1. When did you decide that you first wanted a dog? How did you convince your parents that you were ready for the responsibility? I decided I wanted a dog when I was five years old. I asked for one every birthday and every Christmas until I finally convinced them that I was old enough to take care of a dog. It took a lot of begging.
  2. How did you feel when you first went to Aunt Mary’s Doghouse and saw all the puppies? When Dixie jumped into your arms, how did you know she was your dog? I was so excited when I saw all the puppies at Aunt Mary's Doghouse and I wanted to take one home so badly. At first I didn’t know how to choose, but when Dixie jumped into my lap and looked up at me with her big brown eyes, somehow I just knew in my heart that she was my dog.
  3. How big is Dixie now? She is SO much bigger! She weighs about seventy pounds now. But she still thinks she is a little puppy and tries to climb into your lap.
  4. What is your favorite thing to do with Dixie? I like it best when Dixie and I just lay on the couch and watch TV all snuggled up together. It feels so peaceful and happy.
  5. Does Dixie have a favorite toy? Dixie likes her stuffed cow toy the best at the moment. She likes it a little TOO much. It's almost destroyed from all the chewing.
  6. Do you help bake biscuits for Dixie? Not usually because I'm so busy— but I DO give her lots of pre-made dog biscuits to eat! She knows exactly what “cookie” means— it is her favorite word!
  7. Does having a dog help you be more responsible and caring? It definitely does because she is completely reliant on me for everything, and I absolutely adore her. I almost can’t remember what it was like not to have her around.
  8. Would you like to have another dog with Dixie? I would LOVE to have another dog but I'm not sure if my dad agrees with me! And I’m not sure if Dixie would want to share being the center of attention.
  9. How was it working with a photographer and Dixie for your book? The photographer was a lot of fun, even though by the end of the day he was calling us “girl” and “dog” because he couldn't remember our names! It was a REALLY long day, but definitely an exciting one. He took more than 1,000 pictures!
  10. All of your pets have very cute names, like Mariko the fish, Pixie the hamster, and Wilbur the guinea pig. How did you come up with their names? Mariko was a favorite camp counselor that I had. Pixie just kind of came to me (I think I was watching Peter Pan). And Wilbur got his name because I love the book Charlotte’s Web, and he was a guinea pig.
  11. What inspired you to write a book about your story? Dixie's amazing story, along with all the incredible work Aunt Mary is doing, inspired me to write this book. There are so many millions of dogs out there right now that need homes. I figured if I could tell my story about adopting Dixie, it might inspire some other kids and families to do the same thing. I’ve now had the chance to visit so many schools and libraries and bookstores talking about adopting Dixie— I really hope it is helping to get the word out!

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Author Q&A

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