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Aza never looks in a mirror on purpose.  She’s plain and awkward, but her magical, beautiful voice wins her a place at court as the new queen’s lady-in-waiting.  It also lands her in the center of a perilous palace intrigue.

Prince Ijori, the king’s nephew and heir to the Ayorthaian throne, is witty and handsome.  He hates liars and distrusts Aza.

King Oscaro, beloved by his subjects, adores his bride - for better or worse.

Queen Ivi is by birth a commoner from the kingdom of Kyrria.  She is beautiful beyond compare, as well as moody, selfish, and capricious.  She has secrets, and she’ll sacrifice anything or anyone to keep them.

zhamM the gnome is a frequent guest at Aza’s parents’ inn.  He tells Aza that her hair is his favorite color —htun — which only gnomes can see.  He predicts her future and sees danger ahead.

Oochoo is Prince Ijori’s boarhound, the only creature at court to love Aza without reservation.

The Duchess of Olixo is grumpy and difficult to please.  She adores cats and tolerates Aza.

Uju the guard, and object of Queen Ivi’s flirting, is drawn into her worst scheme ever.

Mother, Father, Areida, Yarry, and Ollo are Aza's loving family who live in the Featherbed Inn in Amonta.

Skulni is the central mystery in Queen Ivi’s mysterious, magical mirror.

Lucinda is the fool of a fairy who starts all the trouble.


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