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Take the Gail Carson Levine Fairy Tale Quiz and find out which magical character you are!

1.   A fairy gives you the gift of truthfulness and now you can’t tell even the smallest white lie (like telling your sister her hair looks pretty when it really looks awful!). You:

a.   Find the fairy that gave you the “gift” and make her take it back.
b.   Retreat to your tower and spend your life wishing you had not been so unlucky.
c.   Find a spell to reverse the fairy’s magic.
d.   You don’t mind telling the truth. If people can’t handle it, that’s their problem!

2.   You would rather live:

a.   In a small village with your family.
b.   In a tower high above the world’s problems.
c.   In the forest with the fairies and ogres.
d.   In a castle surrounded by loyal subjects.

3.   Your best friend has been turned into a turtle by an evil wizard. What do you do?

a.   Use any means necessary to make the wizard reverse the spell.
b.   Make a nice home for your new pet turtle in your bedroom.
c.   Wizards’ spells are easily broken! You have the counter-spell for transfiguration already figured out.
d.   Nothing. As long as you weren’t turned into a turtle, who cares?

4.   A prophecy says you are to wait in your tower, secluded from the world, until your true love comes to rescue you. How do you feel about that?

a.   Not good. You figure out a way to escape and go looking for your true love yourself. Maybe he could use some rescuing!
b.   Just fine. You make yourself comfortable and wait patiently.
c.   Bored. You have no time for princes and chivalry. And prophecies are meant to be broken. You abandon your tower and go looking for adventure.
d.   That’s okay. You wait for your prince and, in the meantime, plan what you’ll do once you’re queen.

5.   You’re lost in the enchanted forest. What do you do?

a.   You climb a tall tree to see what’s around you. You’ll probably be able to see a village or castle from so high up.
b.   Stay where you are and wait. Eventually a nice prince will come along and rescue you.
c.   You have plenty of friends in the enchanted forest, so there’s nothing to be worried about.
d.   Scream for your Fairy Godmother to come and whisk you back to your castle.

6.   What do you like most about yourself?

a.   You’re quick-thinking and brave.
b.   You have many friends who look out for you.
c.   You’re cunning and crafty.
d.   You love everything about yourself.

7.   Your kingdom is being threatened by angry ogres. You:

a.   Fight along with the townspeople. Good thing you took those fencing lessons!
b.   Hide in a high tower and watch the battle from above. You’ll be safe until it’s over.
c.   Go talk to the ogres and try to make peace with them.
d.   Let the villagers fight with the ogres. You have better things to worry about.

8.   What makes you happiest?

a.   Helping family and friends.
b.   Quiet time reading.
c.   Learning and experiencing new things.
d.   A day of pampering.


Now tally up your score:

If you chose mostly As:
You are not afraid to go out and take care of yourself. You are strong and willing to stand up for what you believe in. You’re a lot like Ella from Ella Enchanted and Aza from Fairest, who are both clever, brave women. Embrace your independent spirit—it’s what makes you special!

If you chose mostly Bs:
You want nothing more than safety and protection. You are often shy, but hidden beneath your fear is a fierce woman waiting to get out. In The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Princess Addie is afraid and secluded, living behind the shadow of her bold sister. But when her sister is kidnapped, Addie must step up and be the tough one. Find out how she does it—and maybe you, too, can find a way into the spotlight!

If you chose mostly Cs:
You’re not afraid of anything—and you have a touch of magic in you. If you could, you’d be brewing potions and performing spells all over the kingdom. You are the fairy in “fairy tales.” Read The Fairy’s Return and get your fix of magic and make-believe with the retelling of classic tales you probably already love. Who knows? You may even learn a spell or two.

If you chose mostly Ds:
You are the ultimate Queen of your kingdom. You are in charge and not ashamed to show it. Being powerful is great and you can really do some good, but make sure you don’t let power corrupt you. It’s easy to become misguided like Queen Ivi in Fairest. Don’t let what happened to her happen to you! Stay true to yourself and you’ll always triumph.

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