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Fisher-Price® and HarperCollins Children's Books proudly introduce a line of infant books that combine innovative, imaginative, interactive elements with the sweet, simple stories that are perfect for babies. These books will encourage early childhood development skills that build upon the success of Fisher-Price® programs developed especially for baby.

Each book ties into an integrated toy and baby gear program developed by Fisher-Price® through extensive research and development.

Celebrating the magic and wonder of the world's baby animals with the youngest of explorers!

First, we helped babies learn about the world around them. Then we took them on a journey through the rainforest. What on earth could be next?

Now we introduce Precious Planet newborn books that bring the wonder and magic of baby animals from around the world to the youngest explorers. There are lions and giraffes on safari, turtles from the deep sea, and polar bears from the arctic cold. You'll never know who will show up at the watering hole!

Babies learn more when they feel at home!

The Laugh, Smile & Learn books for babies derive from Fisher-Price's award-winning Laugh & LearnTM collection. This line of infant learning toys focuses on delighting and teaching baby through everyday experiences.

Fisher-Price® developed the Laugh & Learn collection as an entire line of learning toys based on familiar objects, everyday discoveries, and your baby's never-ending sense of wonder. From shapes and colors to A B C's, 1 2 3's, first words, and much more. All in the most perfect learning environment: home.

Award-Winning Laugh & Learn Collection

  • Best Toddler Toys of 2008 - About.com
  • NAPPA Honors, 2008 - National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA)
  • Toys of the Year, 2008 - Parenting Magazine
  • "The Fabulous 15" and "Hot Toy" List, 2008 - Toys"R"Us

Because you'd give your baby the world, the rainforest is a great place to start.

The Animals of the Rainforest books for babies derive from Fisher-Price's popular RainforestTM line. This collection brings the magic and wonder of the rainforest to the youngest of explorers with animals, nature sounds, and fun toys in a colorful collection you'll both go "wild" for!

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